Volunteering with ZBT

As a Brotherhood for a Lifetime, ZBT offers many opportunities for service. As alumni of ZBT, brothers have the opportunity to give back to our Fraternity and helping our newest brothers. Join your fellow brothers who continue to promote this Bond of Brotherhood by serving your Fraternity with your time and talent. ZBT has dozens of different ways to make an impact on the thousands of men who join our Fraternity.  Take a look at the list below and ask yourself how your skills and talents can continue to make ZBT a better Fraternity.

If you are interested in one, or more, of the volunteer opportunities located below, please complete the brief informational form.

Individual opportunities

These types of volunteer opportunities work one-on-one with brothers, at the international, local and personal levels. The time commitment involved varies depending on the activity from heavy, near-daily involvement to only once per year at annual events.

  1. Supreme Council (Fraternity’s International Board)
  2. Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Board of Directors
  3. Chapter/Colony Advisor
  4. Assistant Chapter/Colony Advisor Recruitment
  5. Assistant Chapter/Colony Advisor Programming
  6. Assistant Chapter/Colony Advisor Risk Management
  7. Assistant Chapter/Colony Advisor Finance
  8. Assistant Chapter/Colony Advisor Heritage
  9. Faculty Advisor
  10. Housing/N.P.E.F.
  11. Recruitment Mentor
  12. Leadership Faculty for ZBT Programs

Committee opportunities

Committees allow brothers to create, discuss and energize to ensure the Fraternity's well-being. Committees are charged with guiding the successful direction and high-level function of the Fraternity. Committees meet remotely, typically once or twice a month, in a specific topical area related to the Fraternity experience.

  1. Loss Prevention Committee
  2. Disciplinary Panel
  3. Disciplinary Board
  4. Young Alumni Committee
  5. Marketing and Communications Committee
  6. Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Audit Committee

Alumni associations

Established associations allow for brothers in geographically diverse areas to connect with brothers in their areas. Alumni associations provide volunteer, philanthropic, brotherhood and social opportunities for alumni of all ages.

  1. Southern California Area Alumni Association
  2. Washington, DC Area Alumni Association
  3. New York Metropolitan Area Alumni Association
  4. South Florida Area Alumni Association
  5. Chicagoland Area Alumni Association
  6. Atlanta Area Alumni Association
  7. Philadelphia Area Alumni Association

Upcoming events

  1. 2018 International Convention Alumni Volunteer (for alumni living in the Los Angeles, California, area)
  2. 2019 International Convention Alumni Volunteer (for alumni living in the Denver, Colorado, area)
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