Staff Liaison Program
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At the ZBT International Headquarters we find it of the utmost importance to be as accessible as possible to our undergraduates. In an effort to provide top-notch chapter servicing, each professional staff member employed by ZBT serves as a staff liaison to specific chapters or colonies. It is the responsibility of this staff member to keep current on all matters related to their assigned chapters/colonies, and should keep in regular communication with the chapter’s leadership and advisors. Some of the things your staff liaison should be doing include:

  • Providing the leadership with important dates and upcoming deadlines
  • Arranging monthly conference calls with chapter/colony leadership
  • Reviewing chapter/colony goals as well as past and upcoming programs related to alumni, service, education, athletics, social, and bonding activities
  • Addressing challenges and concerns brought forward by the chapter leadership
  • Connecting the leadership to appropriate staff members for specific focus areas such as recruitment, officer training, standards, finances, etc.
  • Helping to publicize successes and accomplishments of each chapter
  • Identifying the needs of chapters/colonies and arranging staff visits when possible

For assistance or questions, please ZBT International Headquarters at 317-334-1898 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Click here to see a full listing of all staff members at ZBT International Headquarters.