Health and Safety

ZBT prioritizes educating our brothers on the common pitfalls of student life with an emphasis on how to make healthy decisions. For questions about harm prevention and related programming, contact ZBT’s Director of Wellness and Harm Reduction Nancy Snowden at or 817-437-7579.


The Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) is a harm reduction program that provides chapters with an opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about habits and patterns experienced among their brothers and greater community.

About ASTP

This program was developed out of research performed at the University of Washington and is now utilized by fraternities, sororities and universities across North America. ASTP is a non-judgmental, non-confrontational approach designed with drinkers and non-drinkers in mind. While acknowledging that the only way to completely avoid the negative consequences from drinking is abstinence, ASTP gives those who do chose to drink skills to do so in a safer manner.

The goal of ASTP is to educate on alcohol-related behavior while increasing interest in critically examining their drinking patterns and eventually implementing the skills they learn. In doing so, brothers can minimize the potential negative consequences through prevention, reduced consumption or abstinence.

How can I bring ASTP to my campus?

ZBT aims to have every chapter and colony hear this program at least once every three years. We work with staff and volunteer facilitators to schedule presentations.

For more information about bringing ASTP to your chapter or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer facilitator for this program, contact Director Snowden.


Zeta Beta Tau has partnered with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, hazing prevention and financial literacy in higher education institutions across the country. This online education empowers brothers to make well-informed decisions about issues that affect the college years and beyond.

All new brothers of ZBT must complete this program in their first year.

Healthy Relationships

Health and safety is the top priority of ZBT and we are committed to having the best experience possible for all brothers, guests and families. ZBT’s Ritual calls for all brothers to protect their fellow brothers and guests. Learn more on our healthy relationships programs, including the award-winning Safe Smart Dating and Green Light: Go! programs, here.