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Health and Safety

ZBT prioritizes educating our brothers on the common pitfalls of student life with an emphasis on how to make healthy decisions. For questions about harm prevention and related programming, contact ZBT’s Director of Chapter Services and Conduct, Christina Parle, at cparle@zbtnational.org.


ASTP is an engaging presentation that allows the Fraternity to talk about alcohol consumption from a non-policy, individual responsibility perspective. The ability to have open, honest and transparent conversations regarding alcohol is important to the health and safety of our brothers.

Data from the past year and a half indicates that this program resonates highly with brothers in being to identify patterns of risky behavior in their own drinking behavior, highlights trends that may pose barriers to mitigating risk on their campus in their chapters, and overall broadens their understanding of consuming alcohol safely.

To date, this program has reached over 1,200 undergraduate brothers and continues to serve as a program that continually re-emphasizes our relevancy as a fraternal organization at a time with the pressure to proactively educate about risk reduction remains a priority amongst our campus partners.

When asked, “After participating in ASTP, I feel that I am better able to make informed decisions about alcohol when and if I choose to consume” 46% indicated that they strongly agreed, and 36% indicated that they agreed.

When asked if “ASTP taught me new information that I had not previously thought about” 41% indicated that they strongly agreed and 29% indicated that they agreed.

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Healthy Relationships

Health and safety is the top priority of ZBT and we are committed to having the best experience possible for all brothers, guests and families. ZBT’s Ritual calls for all brothers to protect their fellow brothers and guests. Learn more on our healthy relationships programs, including the award-winning Safe Smart Dating and Green Light: Go! programs, here.