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Green Light: Go!

Green Light: Go! is ZBT’s newest annual chapter-sponsored fundraising event. This program educates participants on sexual assault prevention, consent and healthy relationships. Funds raised from Green Light: Go! support the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s Fund for Safe and Healthy Campuses, which allows our partner Jewish Women International to create programs that educate brothers about healthy relationships and bystander intervention. This program positions our men as leaders in changing the culture in their community, a direct reference to our Mission.


In its simplest form, Green Light: Go! is a large-scale game of Red Light, Green Light. The popular children’s game serves as a compelling analogy for consent in relationships. Alongside the Red Light, Green Light game itself, ZBT chapters are encouraged to offer additional education on relationship safety and bystander behaviors, such as through an awareness week leading up to the event.

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