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Study Abroad

Brothers are encouraged to take advantage of ZBT’s semester program in London that incorporates 14 weeks of study through the Foundation for International Education. The semester is divided into two phases with an orientation at the start and a mid-term break, for a total of 15.5 weeks.

A semester with FIE in London prepares ZBT brothers to build on their existing competencies, skills, attitudes, beliefs and experiences needed to compete and cooperate in the world marketplace.

  • Study British Life and Cultures or British Life in Europe (required Key Course)
  • Interactions with fraternity members in London and discuss similarities and differences between U.K. and U.S. fraternity life
  • Work or Service internship opportunities (integrated experiences combining workplace experience and academic discussion and reflection)
  • Self-directed research opportunity. (Under faculty guidance, a brother can undertake independent, London-based qualitative research)

Former participants said:

A great opportunity to explore aspects of education and leadership that I would not have had otherwise.

This program was amazing because I learned so much, made new friends and talked about things I love to do!

Request more information or see more on our partner FIE.

ZBT’s FIE contact: Dr. Grahaeme A. Hesp