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ZBT’s respect the tradition of our brand and insignia so we may maintain a high standard in our public presence. All brothers can support this effort by helping respect and protect our ZBT brand, especially the Crest and Pin. The official slogan representing our Fraternity is Brotherhood for a Lifetime.

Please contact Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Headquarters with any media-related questions.

Official Logos

ZBT’s primary logo is our Crest. To download the Crest and other ZBT graphics, sign into COMPASS and view the Resources folder. For partners and friends who don’t have a COMPASS login, contact ZBT International Headquarters for graphics requests. 

Official Songs:

‘The Fraternity Song’

‘My Brothers, Here’s My Hand’

The Fraternity, as owner and protector of the ZBT brand and trademarks, reserves the right to police and safeguard all uses of the Zeta Beta Tau name and symbols as well as police all concerns or violations of these policies.