Hate Against One is Hate Against All

ZBT has made waves in the past two years with our Hate Against One is Hate Against All campaign.

If you would like to bring this program to your chapter and campus, apply for the paid Berg Fellowship.

Hate Against One is Hate Against All strives to end hate. The over-arching goal of this campaign is as basic as that. Through a multi-faceted education program promoting awareness and dialogue, Hate Against One is Hate Against All breaks down barriers and stereotypes, encourages students to have real conversations about hate culture and empowers brothers to act.

This program is funded by a generous grant from the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation’s Heritage Initiative. If you would like to support the Heritage Initiative, please donate to the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.

Several components that feed into the larger educational initiative. Hate Against One is Hate Against All is a dual program, that first seeks to educate and then asks our brothers to take action on campus.

The campaign has allowed ZBT to expand our partnership with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in bringing ADL’s Words to Action program to more campuses. The program includes anti-Semitism awareness education, interactive discussion with students sharing their own experiences of bias and an in-depth look at the history behind stereotypes and connections to modern day. Words to Action is a personalized program that seeks to address the needs of a campus and a chapter.

ZBT also has partnered with three other Greek organizations — Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority and Sigma Delta Tau Sorority — to bring Words to Action to hundreds of students on campuses across the United States.

We see our thousands of engaged, intelligent brothers on college campuses around North America as a resource in fighting to reduce hate. For example through social media, students are directly encouraged to participate through the campaign’s dedicated hashtag, #whyshouldicare. The social campaign is inspired by Martin Niemöller’s statement “First They Came for the Socialists,” which takes a provocative stance on apathy and how that can lead to a hate spiral.

Promoting a social media component helps challenge bystander behaviors and drive a sense of need to better one’s society in young adults. Follow along via ZBT’s Twitter feed at @ZetaBetaTau or by using #whyshouldicare.

The Hate Against One is Hate Against All campaign will continue to grow with more community outreach and partner connections in the coming months.

Innovation is an important part of the campaign, and ZBT is committed to offering a variety of opportunities for our alumni, undergraduates and communities. For example, in summer 2016 our Southern California area brothers took part in a community forum on hate prevention, hosted by the Alpha Delta Chapter at the University of Southern California.

The International Headquarters staff recently planned our second Summit Against Hate for campus professionals and staff of other Greek organizations. Participants of the Summit Against Hate heard from changemakers in the Jewish and campus communities as well as Greek students who have dealt with discrimination on campus. Discussion centered around ways to improve campus environments.

To find out more about anti-hate programming and the Hate Against One is Hate Against All Campaign, contact Director of Jewish Programs and Strategic Partnerships, Sheri Rosenberg.