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Committees allow brothers to create, discuss and energize to ensure the Fraternity’s well-being. Committees are charged with guiding the successful direction and high-level function of the Fraternity. Committees meet remotely, typically once or twice a month, in a specific topical area related to the Fraternity experience.

Undergraduate Experience Committee

  • Develop a road map for training opportunities for undergraduate

Alumni Engagement Committee

  • Develop fellowship, networking and social opportunities for alumni
  • Engage alumni in opportunities to mentor undergraduates

Educational Opportunities Committee

  • Develop curriculum for Brotherhood of a Lifetime education

Expansion Committee

  • Advise and assist with prioritizing and evaluating all expansion projects
  • Serve as a representative of ZBT for campus presentations
  • Explore additional ways for ZBT to get connected to target schools
  • Actively support expansion by finding opportunities in social media, high school lists and community fairs
  • Provide strategic direction for headquarters staff

Recruitment Committee

  • Assist in resource development for recruitment strategy
  • Serve as a representative of ZBT at recruitment opportunities
  • Support chapter leaders in recruitment preparation and execution
  • Provide strategic direction for headquarters staff

Heritage Committee

  • Provide opportunities for undergraduates and alumni to engage with organizations who share a similar founding and mission
  • Identify programming partnerships for undergraduate chapters and colonies
  • Advise undergraduate chapters and colonies on programming and awards
  • Ensure Fraternity participation in appropriate events including fairs
  • Work closely with staff liaison

Finance Committee

  • Monitor and provide effective supervision of management’s financial reporting process
  • Oversee the framework of internal control and risk assessment practices to ensure that management executes the provisions of the accounting procedures
  • Obtain advice and assistance from outside legal, accounting or other advisors as deemed appropriate to perform its duties and responsibilities

Audit Committee

  • Oversee the financial reporting and disclosure process
  • Monitor choice of accounting policies and principles
  • Receive and consider actions to recommend to the full board as a result of recommendations from the auditors about actions ZBT should take to improve its financial reporting and management practices, as needed

Disciplinary Board

  • Handle undergraduate appeals
  • Handle all charges against alumni as defined in the ZBT International Constitution Article X

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