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Individual Roles

These types of volunteer opportunities work one-on-one with brothers, at the international, local, and personal levels. The time commitment involved varies depending on the activity from heavy, near-daily involvement to only once per year at annual events.

Fraternity Supreme Councilor

ZBT has a board of directors, known as the Supreme Council, that govern the direction of the Fraternity.

  • Supports the mission of the Fraternity by working with undergraduates as advisors or mentors.
  • Attends Fraternity events such as Conclaves, Convention, and alumni events in home cities.
  • Works to improve the overall Fraternity through service on various committees.

Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Director

  • Supports the Foundation‘s mission, purposes, goals, policies, and programs, while knowing its strengths and needs
  • Suggests possible nominees to the board who are people of achievement who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the progress of the organization
  • Serves actively on projects as requested by the Foundation President
  • Provides input and feedback to the Foundation President on the performance of staff members
  • Attends activities and events sponsored by the Foundation and Fraternity whenever possible

ZBT National Housing

ZBT National Housing is the national housing corporation.

  • Create and support housing resources for chapters and colonies of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity
  • Basic property management of chapter houses where the N.P.E.F. is involved
  • Consult with chapters/colonies interested in acquiring housing (to either own or rent)
  • Develop partnerships with local housing corporations to provide expanded housing services

Leadership Faculty for ZBT Programs

  • Serves as a facilitator at ZBT regional and national leadership/educational programs
  • Participates in training with ZBT International Headquarters staff to gain an understanding of facilitation skills


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