Join your fellow brothers and those supporters who continue to promote the bonds of Brotherhood by serving ZBT with your time and talent. Your skills and talents can continue to make ZBT a better Fraternity. Learn more about the ways the greater ZBT family can serve our Fraternity and mentor our students:

Volunteer with ZBT

If you are interested in one or more of ZBT's volunteer opportunities, please complete this brief informational form.
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  • These brothers and friends of ZBT are the main line of consistent support for chapters and colonies, involved with individual undergraduates and campuses on a weekly or monthly basis. Read more.
  • These types of volunteers work one-on-one with brothers, at the international, local and personal levels. The time commitment involved varies depending on the activity from heavy, near-daily involvement to only once per year at annual events. Read more.
  • Committees allow brothers to create, discuss and energize to ensure the Fraternity's well-being. Committees are charged with guiding the successful direction and high-level function of the Fraternity. Committees meet remotely, typically once or twice a month, in a specific topical area related to the Fraternity experience. Read more.
  • Area alumni associations allow for brothers in geographically diverse areas to connect with brothers nearby. Alumni associations provide volunteer, philanthropic, brotherhood and social opportunities for alumni of all ages. We are looking to grow our existing associations as well as found new groups. Read more. ZBT International also hosts regional events such as International Convention with need for hosts and volunteers in those areas. Read more.