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ZBT is a Brotherhood for a Lifetime that spans the globe and connects thousands of men with our Mission, Credo and Ritual.

For many alumni, our undergraduate days were among the best of our lives. We made lifelong friends who have shared in our triumphs and were supportive in our times of need. We learned life lessons which have allowed us to be leaders in our communities, in business and in family. Our alma maters may have given us knowledge, but Zeta Beta Tau taught us how to live with great energy, strength and passion. We must nurture the lifetime Fraternity experience of our brothers today so that we may foster the potential for success within our brothers tomorrow.

ZBT prioritizes making connections between brothers from similar geographic regions, of similar backgrounds and in similar professional fields, regardless of their graduation date. We offer a Brotherhood for a Lifetime experience to all brothers by providing opportunities in the areas of fellowship, professional development, volunteerism and mentoring. We value a rich alumni experience. ZBT is a Brotherhood of Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Sigma Delta and Zeta Beta Tau.

It is now, and will always be, great to be a ZBT!


  • “Zeta Beta Tau has played such an important role in developing me as a person, a leader and a physician,” Brother Engorn said. “I really attribute many of my successes to my time (in ZBT and) the Beta Zeta Epsilon Chapter, and (I continue) to learn from so many of my brothers and mentors.”

    Dr. Branden M. Engorn

    Beta Zeta Epsilon
    University of Maryland-College Park 2004

  • “Regardless of where I go, I never fail to run into a brother who I have not seen for years. It’s a feeling that just can’t be beat. It has been most gratifying … to see our brothers engage in Brotherhood for a Lifetime.”

    Barry M. Aarons

    Gamma Tau
    Arizona State 1971

  • “When I graduated from Ohio State, I didn’t think I would really stay all that connected to ZBT nationally. Little did I know I’d be traveling the world meeting some of my brothers and experiencing their passion and dedication. ZBT truly is a brotherhood for a lifetime,” he said.

    Tyler J. Klopfstein

    Ohio State 2015