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Israel Education

Zeta Beta Tau assists our undergraduate brothers and their peer students in establishing a relationship with the State of Israel. Driven by our Heritage Initiative, the Fraternity actively seeks ways to partner with organizations that align themselves with similar values to develop educational programs that enable learning, promote dialogue, and generates ideas for the support of Israel. We are proud of our rich heritage and founding as the world’s first Jewish fraternity.

Israel Now!

As the world’s first Jewish Fraternity, ZBT has a responsibility to be educating our brothers on what being a Zionist Fraternity is and how brothers can support Israel. Anti-Israel incidents nearly doubled last year from the prior year, and the situation has deteriorated rapidly since the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel, with more calls for ostracism  and direct violence against Jewish people and organizations.

See more on ZBT’s response and the ongoing situation here: ZBT Stands With Israel.

2024 in Atlanta

  • April 7, 2024
  • 2:00 to 6:00pm
  • The Breman Museum, Atlanta
  • Registration to launch in March

Listen to Holocaust survivors’ experiences, told in their own words through a family testimony. It’s important for ZBTs and others who support the Jewish community to know  the roots of antisemitic persecution and deadly violence behind the Holocaust and the impact on the modern state of Israel and today’s global climate.

Educational programming at Israel Now! is made possible in part by the generous support of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation. Learn how you can support the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation at zbtfoundation.org!


Previously hosted 2023 sessions

October 12

BDS: The in-person Israel Now! had a focus on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement in the U.S. with particular attention to California and on college campuses. ZBT has held a policy condemning the BDS movement since 2015.

October 25

Campus Advocacy: Actions you can take as a ZBT advocate for Israel. ZBT alumni facilitators will coach you through what you can do within your chapter and as an individual student to support pro-Israel causes.

October 26

Talk with a Counselor: Having intense feelings about Israel? This newly added Israel Now! session is a space to process with brothers or just hear from fellow ZBTs. A licensed counselor will be available to offer support, and so will an international safety expert who can provide best practices to help brothers and chapters stay safe.

November 14

Values in Tension: Our partners at the iCenter will hosted an activity called Values in Tension, which was crafted to help better understand views that differ from our own and recognize the shared values and nuance in opinions of all sides—with many of our differences lying in the way we prioritize them. It is aimed at finding common ground and building bridges, despite our differences.