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ZBT takes great pride in growing our family. The recruitment of legacies — sons, grandsons and brothers of any ZBT chapter or prospective chapter — helps ensure we identify young men of good character who embody the Tenets of our Credo: Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility, Integrity and Brotherly Love.

Many times the referrals received from our brothers and families become some of our most involved and influential brothers. Click here to refer a young man of good character to join our Brotherhood. Recruitment is the lifeblood of our Fraternity and we thank those who have continued support and commitment to Zeta Beta Tau.

Learn more about our policy on legacies per the regulations outlined in the Fraternity’s International Code.


  • “It’s important to recognize the impact legacies can have and the impact the Fraternity can have on the legacy himself. We must remember and respect our alumni as they built the fraternity we have today.”

    Todd S. Aaron

    University of Texas 1984

  • “Seeing my brother enjoy his time in college and making memories that could have only been done with ZBT had me craving the need for something similar when I became a freshman at the University of Florida.”

    Leonardo “Leo” Suarez

    Alpha Zeta
    (University of Florida) 2020

  • “Like any father, you want your son to be happy. Every school is different and they may not click. To all fathers of potential future ZBTs, it’s wise for your son to look at other chapters so he knows he’d be happy with ZBT and not solely continuing your experience.”

    Irving M. Chase

    Alpha Rho
    University of California-Los Angeles 1974

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