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As an inclusive organization, we dedicate ourselves to the tenets of our Credo, the call to action in our Mission and the collaborative relationships we build with our communities. Zeta Beta Tau brothers embody the principles of Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility, Integrity and Brotherly Love.

Through good times and bad, ZBT has been at the forefront of pioneering new concepts — as evidenced by its very founding as the world’s first Jewish Fraternity, its subsequent elimination of sectarian membership practices in 1954, its acceptance of mergers from other fraternal groups in the late 1960s and early 1970s, its elimination of pledging and its ability to solve enormous problems when others abandoned the effort.

Since the practice of pledging and all second-class status practices were abolished in ZBT in 1989, all men are initiated as full equals with full rights and responsibility within 72 hours of being invited to join the Fraternity. Pledging is indicative of a culture of hazing that we do not support.

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is forward-thinking, yet mindful of our traditions. We are focused on individual brothers, yet encompassing of the culture of our Brotherhood. Above all, we value integrity and equality, yet we remember that those qualities are a choice made by each man for himself, so we challenge our brothers to nurture, encourage and support each other and themselves.


  • “Being a ZBT allows me to keep participating in the activities I love while still taking the time out to be a positive influence in the community and on my other brothers. We get to choose (brothers) solely on merit and personality. Having a sense of character is far more relevant to a brotherhood than is being able to survive paltry tasks. I cannot wait to see just how far this opportunity can take me.”

    Noah VanderVeer-Harris

    Epsilon Chi
    University of California-Davis 2020

  • “To say that my heart swells with pride in my short time as a Zeta Beta Tau brother would be an understatement in the fullest regard. I credit ZBT as being one of, if not the best, decision of my life, which would easily be seconded by my family and close friends. This fraternity offers an intellectually stimulating environment and a healthy balance to an academically rigorous four years of school. My brothers have broadened my cultural horizons and enlightened me on what life is like outside of Penn State.”

    Bryce W. Starner

    Alpha Psi
    Pennsylvania State University 2019

  • “I’m so grateful for my ZBT experience because the Fraternity is teaching me how to be a leader. I’m learning how to delegate tasks, empower others to get things done, make strategic decisions and focus on a larger impact. Thanks to ZBT, I’m gaining the skills I need to be successful and make an impact upon my community.”

    Mitchell R. McLeod

    Boston University 2019