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Welcome! Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity was founded in 1898 in New York City and is the world’s oldest and largest Jewish fraternity. For more than 50 years, Zeta Beta Tau has been an inclusive Brotherhood of Equals, and for over three decades ZBT has been a pioneer in the fight against hazing, having abolished all two-tier membership statuses and pledging practices in 1989. ZBT is represented on more than 75 campuses across North America and has initiated 140,000 brothers. Our brothers know that ZBT is Brotherhood for a Lifetime, beginning the day you are initiated and continuing through your life.

You may be asking, is ZBT a fit for me?

If you live by the values of our Credo — you should be a ZBT! Leave a legacy on your campus and be a Founding Father of Zeta Beta Tau.

  • ZBT is a Jewish fraternity open to all. ZBT is proud of our founding as the first Jewish fraternity. Today, ZBT is open to men of all backgrounds and religions.
  • No pledging or hazing. ZBT was the first fraternity to abolish the pledge process. We are a brotherhood founded on respect.
  • 75+ chapters and 140,000 alumni and undergraduate brothers. ZBT has brothers in the USA, Canada, Israel and around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment needed to start a new chapter as a Founding Father?

You put in what you want out of it! Most brothers will commit an hour two per week to the chapter; those interested in leadership roles will put in more time. As a non-pledging fraternity, the strenuous pledge process that damages GPA and social life is eliminated.

What are the costs associated with joining Zeta Beta Tau?

The one-time fee for Founding Fathers who start a chapter is $320. This fee covers the expenses to for both the initiation semester and the year following. Local chapter dues are decided by the brothers in leadership.

What are the requirements to join ZBT?

Be a fully matriculated student at your college/university, have a high school or undergraduate GPA of at least 2.7, and share in the values of Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility, Integrity and Brotherly Love.

I am not Jewish, should I join a Jewish fraternity?

Yes! Zeta Beta Tau is open to all men of good character. We are proud to be an inclusive historically Jewish organization.

If ZBT sounds like the Fraternity for you or if you have more questions, please contact Director of Organizational Growth Chris Williams at cwilliams@zbtnational.org or 803-683-2977.

Brothers share a phrase within our bonds, and we want you to know and agree: “It’s GREAT to be a ZBT!”


  • “I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of such an amazing organization with such great people. I’m looking forward to all the things our colony can accomplish, and all the challenges we will face that will ultimately make our organization stronger. It’s great to be a ZBT, always.”

    Corey R. Kosmin

    University of Michigan 2019

  • “I am honored and humbled to be able to bring back the Alpha Tau Colony of Zeta Beta Tau to Franklin and Marshall College as a Founding Father. I am excited about the great group of guys we have gathered together, and I feel lucky to be able to call these men my brothers. Together I know we will continue to grow and develop as a brotherhood. … We are eager to pay it forward by getting involved in as much as possible on campus and in the local community. I can’t wait to see how far we will have come in the next year.”

    Matthew A. Tancer

    Alpha Tau
    Franklin & Marshall College 2018

  • “I am lucky to have a great group of guys to call my brothers in helping to build up our chapter. I can speak for all of us when I say we are extremely excited for this year and the years to come as brothers of ZBT. I know we’ll do great things on campus and in the community. I can’t wait to see where we are a year from now.”

    Daniel A. Hadad

    Alpha Nu
    Muhlenberg College 2018