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Why is Zeta Beta Tau the right men’s fraternity for you? There are four reasons — Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility, Integrity and Brotherly Love.

These tenets of our Credo express who we are and pinpoint who we want to join our Brotherhood. For more than a century, ZBT has grown as a brotherhood and as a family. During this time, ZBT has built foundations and reached milestones that no other Greek fraternal organization has — we opened our arms to all men of good character while continuing to embrace our Jewish heritage, we rescinded all second-class status in our brotherhood when we abolished pledging, and now we are reaching and teaching our brothers using technology that few other groups have been able to adopt.

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is forward-thinking, yet mindful of our traditions. We are focused on individual brothers, yet encompassing of the culture of our Brotherhood. Above all, we value integrity and equality, yet we remember that those qualities are a choice made by each man for himself. We challenge our brothers to nurture, encourage and support each other and themselves. ZBT will recruit and initiate men of good character, regardless of religion, race or creed, who are accepting of our Credo and Mission.

Interested in joining the Brotherhood for a Lifetime?

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Contact us for more information or questions about the ZBT experience. As always, it’s great to be a ZBT!


  • “I am honored to be part of a brotherhood that prides itself on its values. I see this whenever I meet a brother, whether current or alumni, and know that they are a man of good character. I have confidence in our brothers to live with Social Responsibility in their minds and Brotherly Love in their hearts. Having a global network of like-minded and good-hearted brothers gives me the motivation to achieve my goals within ZBT and all aspects of my life.”

    Eli L. Weitzman

    Tulane University 2019

  • “What makes ZBT unique is that it is a Jewish fraternity and that it is non-pledging and non-hazing. I personally do not feel that there is a need to punish someone who is supposed to be considered your brother. The two-tier membership does not promote equality. I believe that every day we are growing to hopefully become better.”

    Logan R. Grenley

    Beta Zeta Epsilon
    University of Maryland-College Park 2017

  • “I have found a home and family I never knew I had. No matter what walk of life you may have made to come to ZBT, you are here now. (ZBT is) a brotherhood that is beyond compare. The bonds go beyond friends and family. Remember that your letters are something that you will wear for the rest of your life.”

    Jaron T. Park

    Delta Lambda
    Monmouth College 2018