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ZBT is fortunate to have the support and involvement of the many alumni, parents, spouses, friends, partners and everyone who works to build a better future for our brothers and Brotherhood. It is our hope that all brothers have a worthwhile Brotherhood for a Lifetime experience and ZBT makes our communities better. Thank you for all you do to support our organization.

Looking for information or assistance?

This guide can help you. Click the link to be directed to the page that will best help you find the information needed. In many cases, the best resource is to reach out directly to ZBT International Headquarters so that we may assist you with your specific need.

I am an alumnus:

I am an undergraduate:

I am a parent of a current undergraduate:

I am a campus partner or friend of ZBT:

I am a spouse/family member of a ZBT:

I am a member of the media:

For all other inquiries, contact ZBT International Headquarters for assistance.