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The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation has as its goal that no Zeta Beta Tau undergraduate shall have to discontinue his college education as a result of financial hardship. In the more than 60 years since its beginning, the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation scholarship program has grown from a single $250 scholarship to awards amounting to more than $1,800,000 to brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

The minimum scholarship currently awarded is $1,000 and the maximum is currently $10,000. Scholarships are awarded for both need and merit. In some cases, scholarships are restricted to a specific chapter, major, state, or region of the country. For full details, see the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.

Undergraduate brothers who have completed two or more academic terms are eligible to apply for need and merit-based scholarships, which range from $1,000 to $10,000. Applications open Nov. 1 and close at the end of February annually. The 2024 application window is closed.

Contact the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation for more information.  The scholarship recipients are announced during summer and are awarded for the fall-spring academic year.



  • “The Zeta Beta Tau Foundation scholarship is very meaningful and helpful to me because I have grown up in a single parent family and my mom has worked very hard to raise me and my two brothers alone without help from my father who has not contributed in any way to our family. This scholarship eases the stress on me and my family and allows me to continue to be a Zeta Beta Tau brother.”

    Zachary S. Shuster

    Eta Sigma
    Elon University 2020

  • “Receiving this Zeta Beta Tau scholarship will help me tremendously to pay for tutors and leave more time to study for my courses. I am studying Civil Engineering and also in the Marine Corps Reserves, which requires a lot of time and two part-time jobs to pay all of my fees and bills. Just as an alumnus I’d never met stepped up to help me pay my first year’s dues, the Brotherhood of Zeta Beta Tau is always there to help each other in any way they can.”

    Neil H. Gallagher

    Gamma Chi
    University of South Florida 2019

  • “I joined Zeta Beta Tau because of the diverse atmosphere that our brothers offered as well as the incredible opportunities that were present. I also very much appreciate our stance on pledging and hazing and believe that all fraternities should work towards this way of recruitment and brotherhood. Because of the generosity of our donors I will be able to better focus on my academics and I can spend more time with my brothers. Therefore, I can build stronger relationships and make more memories with them!”

    Matthew G. Meyer

    University of Denver