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Hate Prevention Education

ZBT is an integral component of combating campus hate in all forms. Our Hate Against One is Hate Against All campaign strives to end hate, whether it be anti-Semitism, racism or other forms of hate. We believe that hate unchecked against one community can lead to hate against other communities. Hate has no place in our world, and ZBT strives to create a more inclusive world through this multifaceted endeavor. By promoting awareness, dialogue and social justice activism, Hate Against One is Hate Against All breaks down barriers and stereotypes, encourages students to have real conversations about hate culture and empowers brothers to act.

There are several components which feed into the Hate Against One is Hate Against All educational initiative. The campaign has allowed ZBT to expand our partnership with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in bringing ADL’s Words to Action™ workshop to more campuses. Words to Action is a personalized program that seeks to address the needs of a campus and a chapter through anti-Semitism awareness education, interactive discussion with students sharing their own experiences of bias and an in-depth look at the history behind stereotypes and connections to modern day.  Following a chapter’s participation in Words to Action, brothers coordinate a program to implement the workshop’s skills and concepts in their greater community.

The Fraternity’s hate prevention programming is funded by generous grants from the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation as part of its Heritage Initiative. If you would like to support the Heritage Initiative, please donate to the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.