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As a Brotherhood for a Lifetime, ZBT offers many opportunities for service. ZBT has dozens of different ways to make an impact on the thousands of men who join our Fraternity. Join your fellow brothers and those supporters who continue to promote the bonds of Brotherhood by serving ZBT with your time and talent. Your skills and talents can continue to make ZBT a better Fraternity.


Each year we recruit alumni and friends of ZBT to fill various volunteer roles, including chapter advisory positions, Fraternity committee seats, and facilitator roles at our educational and leadership programs. Types of opportunities include:

Local chapter volunteers

Chapter Advisors

Chapters that have active and engaged advisors perform better and have quality ZBT experiences.  We have a variety of positions available and have needs at almost every active chapter of ZBT.  Our goal is to have teams in place for each chapter so that the work can be manageable. We are looking for remote advisors and local advisors. Please consider joining an advisory team. If you would like to talk about roles and needs, please contact Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity at zbt@zbtnational.org. This opportunity is open to alumni and friends of ZBT. Submit an application form.


International governance

Fraternity Supreme Councilor

ZBT has a board of directors, known as the Supreme Council, that govern the direction of the Fraternity. If you have questions about serving or applying on the Supreme Council, email CEO Libby Anderson at landerson@zbtnational.org.

  • Supports the Mission of the Fraternity by working with undergraduate brothers as advisors or mentors.
  • Attends Fraternity events such as regional programs, International Convention and alumni events in home cities.
  • Works to improve the overall Fraternity through service on various committees.

Zeta Beta Tau Foundation Director

  • Supports the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation‘s mission, purposes, goals, policies and programs, while knowing its strengths and needs.
  • Suggests possible nominees to the board who are people of achievement who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the progress of the organization.
  • Serves actively on projects as requested by the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation President.
  • Provides input and feedback to the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation President on the performance of staff members.
  • Attends activities and events sponsored by the Foundation and Fraternity whenever possible.

ZBT National Housing

ZBT National Housing is the national housing corporation.

    • Create and support housing resources for chapters and colonies of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.
    • Basic property management of chapter houses where the corporation involved.
    • Consult with chapters/prospective chapters interested in acquiring housing (to either own or rent).
    • Develop partner with local housing corporations to provide expanded housing services.

Programs and workshops

Campus-delivered workshops

For these opportunities, volunteers will travel to a ZBT chapter to facilitate the educational activity.

ASTP and TIPS — The Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) and Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) are dynamic, skills-based training programs designed to prepare college students to make healthy decisions about alcohol and other drug use, understand the dangers of hazing and appropriate bystander intervention strategies, and how to safely host a social event with alcohol while preventing alcohol-related injuries and tragedies. This program is frequently assigned as a sanction for alcohol-related violations but can be requested by any ZBT chapter. Facilitators must be familiar with current undergraduate/campus culture, and ZBT risk management policies and procedures. Sessions run 90 minutes to two hours long, and travel is often involved. The Fraternity reimburses mileage or flight costs and meal expenses related to each visit.

Combatting Campus Antisemitism — A training focused on helping brothers understand the history of antisemitism, how it evolved over the centuries, how it manifests today, and how to actively combat it on local campuses. This program occurs throughout the year at the chapter’s request. One or two facilitators will be selected for each session. Facilitators should be comfortable discussing Jewish history and ethno- and religion-based hate and should be familiar with general campus policies and procedures regarding freedom of speech and student safety.

Cultural Competency (Historical Events and Social Structures, Inclusive Practices, and Self-Awareness and Identity) — These three workshops are in-person supplements to online modules created by Plaid. Chapters can request any of these workshops throughout the year. Each workshop runs approximately 60-90 minutes. Facilitators must be well-versed in college student culture, and be comfortable discussing issues related to identity, historical contexts, and inclusive practices. A pilot phase will be conducted with select chapters in Fall 2024 with the hope of expanding offerings in Spring 2025.

Safe Smart DatingSafe Smart Dating is ZBT’s award-winning program developed in partnership with Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and Jewish Women International, now one of the premier national workshops on dating abuse and sexual assault for the Greek community on college campuses. This program helps college students define, identify, and prevent dating abuse and sexual violence on campus. Safe Smart Dating is an interactive educational program designed to explore gender norms, define healthy relationships, and train participants to be active bystanders. Preference will go towards ZBT brothers. This program occurs throughout the year. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours. Sessions are often co-hosted with chapters of Sigma Delta Tau, but can be hosted for ZBT chapters only. In the case of a co-hosted session, two facilitators will be selected.

You Can Help a Brother/Mental Health Training — “You Can Help” is a workshop designed by the JED Foundation to increase the capacity of young adults to manage their mental health as well as enable peers to adequately support each other. ZBT chapters can request this workshop at any time. Sessions can run 60-90 minutes in length and travel is often required. Facilitators must be well-versed in college student culture, sensitive to discussions about mental health issues, and able to describe Fraternity support systems as well as campus- and community-based mental health resources.

International events

International Convention — ZBT’s annual International Convention is the single largest gathering of brothers each year. It serves as a time for education and governance of the Fraternity for the upcoming year. Attendees participate in legislative sessions, networking with both undergraduate and alumni brothers, educational sessions, and a celebration of brotherhood. Undergraduates participate in four rotating sessions based on the Fraternity Credo. Facilitators must be available to attend the full duration of the Convention (unless based in the city of the Convention), and facilitate one session in each of the four time blocks. Each session is co-led by a ZBT alumnus and a non-member volunteer. The Fraternity covers registration, travel, lodging, and meals for Convention volunteers.

Presidents’ Leadership Academy — The James E. Greer, Jr. Presidents’ Leadership Academy is one of the Fraternity’s premiere leadership programs. The program is intended to be an intensive leadership development program that challenges brothers to create positive change in their chapters and communities by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills. This program will take place annually in January. Facilitators are a mix of ZBT alumni and friends of the Fraternity. Facilitators must be available for a total of 3.5 days in early January.

Regional Officer Institute — Officer institutes support student-leaders of all ZBT chapters serving in leadership roles and are hosted in January and February each year. Several ZBT alumni and nonmember volunteers are selected to facilitate officer tracks. Travel is often required and is reimbursed by the Fraternity. Volunteers must be familiar with current college student culture and basic chapter operations. Sessions run from 8am-6pm local time and volunteers must be available for the duration of the program.

Virtual Officers Institute — The Virtual Officer Institute is an officer training program for all eight executive board officers, Standards Directors, and Chapter Advisors that focuses on developing the skills necessary to lead their chapter. Participants will develop relationships with leaders from across the nation, identify the resources available to them as leaders, and understand the importance of the Jewish Heritage of ZBT in today’s world. This program takes place virtually in January. Facilitators must be available to facilitate one or two sessions of up to two hours each. Facilitators should have a general understanding of the practices and procedures of each executive board position, and/or be a campus or headquarters professional with experience advising similar roles.

For questions or application assistance, contact Director of Education & Chapter Development Kristin Fouts at 317-650-7743 or kfouts@zbtnational.org.


  • “I give back to ZBT because I strongly believe in our Credo and the lifetime value of its principles.  It is a privilege to work with today’s young men and extend their education with Credo-based life skills that will serve them well in all future endeavors.”

    Dr. Gary D. Strasberg

    Gamma Mu
    University of Memphis 1973

  • “I give back because of what ZBT gave and continues to give to me from my initiation date forward. It’s important to provide current and future brothers with the tools and experience needed to succeed in college and beyond. It is our privilege and obligation as brothers of this great Fraternity to help build a legacy for our children, our children’s children, and beyond.”

    Cliff S. Schneider, Esq.

    Alpha Zeta
    University of Florida 2000

  • “I give back to ZBT because I want to support the organization that supported me not only through college but beyond graduation. Having the support of your brothers, a family, who hold each other accountable to the values and Credo of our organization and act as a support base that pushes you to be the best version of yourself is something that has been an invaluable part of my life. I will always support ZBT in hopes for any potential Zeeb to have that experience as well.”

    Michael F. Easton

    Alpha Alpha
    Purdue University 2012