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Campus Partners

ZBT International Headquarters has no higher mission than to cultivate each chapter, prospective chapter and ZBT brother. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the Fraternity and Sorority Life community because of our progressive programs and infrastructure and using modern technology and practices to educate, nurture, serve and communicate with our brothers.

We believe strongly in facilitating the success of all our chapters and colonies and we do so in a true partnership with campus administrators, student leaders, local alumni and community representatives. In 2017, ZBT created an annual Campus Partner of the Year award to honor those professionals who truly champion for Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity and brothers on their campus and in the broader educational community.

If you are a campus-based professional or other friends of Zeta Beta Tau, we encourage you to reach out to the ZBT International Headquarters staff as needed to help build the success of your community and students.


  • “Zeta Beta Tau has been a steady force in the Greek community during my 25 years with Alpha Epsilon Phi. I have watched them grow through this time and strengthen their commitment to their roots as a Jewish fraternal organization. They are an interfraternal partner and it’s been a pleasure to watch interfraternalism return to a place of importance under its current leadership.”

    Bonnie Rubenstein Wunsch

    Executive Director
    Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority

  • “Among all 36 IFC fraternities I advise, it seems I get the most communication from Zeta Beta Tau. They seem to genuinely want to be engaged with campus professionals and to receive feedback from campus partners. We respect and admire (Zeta Beta Tau) as well as the opportunities it provides for our undergraduate men.”

    Kara Miller

    Robert G. Engel Director of Sorority & Fraternity Life
    Cornell University