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Regional Officer Institutes

The leadership training provided in your fraternity experience will bring great benefits throughout life to undergraduate officers. Thank you for stepping up into a leadership role to support your brothers and our great Fraternity!  Officer Institutes support student-leaders of all ZBT chapters serving in leadership roles are hosted early each year.

For 2024, ZBT is hosting a combination of virtual and in-person programming. Your chapter coach will provide more information in November 2023. Executive Board officers from all Chapters are required to participate. This is an SOE Point.

2024 Dates


  • January 21

Virtual Officer Institute programming will be offered at two times. Look for registration to open soon.


Partnering with the virtual program will be in-person leadership education at three locations around the U.S. If you are a chapter leader, please plan now for your Executive Board to attend one of the below. Registration and specific times and locations will be provided in December.


  • January 28


  • February 4


  • February 18

The Officer Institutes are made possible by a generous grant from the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.  To learn more about your Foundation, please visit zbtfoundation.org.