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Regional Officer Institutes

The leadership training provided in your fraternity experience will bring great benefits throughout life to undergraduate officers. Thank you for stepping up into a leadership role to support your brothers and our great Fraternity!  Officer Institutes support student-leaders of all ZBT chapters serving in leadership roles are hosted early each year.

For 2024, ZBT is hosting a combination of virtual and in-person programming. This is an SOE Point. Thank you to everyone who participated in Virtual Officer Institute in January and attended an ROI session. If you missed VOI or ROI, please email Director of Education and Leadership Development Kristin Fouts at kfouts@zbtnational.org.

Next ROI

Thank you to everyone who participated in a Regional Officer Institute, which were in early 2024. If you are a chapter officer (see attendance policy below), plan now for your chapter to be represented next year. Your chapter budget should include travel funds for four delegates to attend an in-person institute.

Atlanta ROI (Feb. 4, 2024)


Who needs to attend

Executive Board officers from all Chapters are required to participate in both programs: Operations Directors, Communications Directors, Recruitment Directors, Risk Prevention and Wellness Directors, Standards Directors, Chapter Presidents, Finance Directors, Brotherhood Development Directors, Programming Directors, and Chapter Advisors. Click here to read and download the attendance policy (PDF).

It is mandatory that ALL chapters and prospective chapters have at least four officers at one of the regional programs. It is recommended that all officers attend the same Regional Officer Institute. The program is covered by your program fee—each Chapter is responsible for travel and hotel accommodations. The officer-specific breakouts will be as follows:

• President, Operations Director or Finance Director
• Brotherhood Development Director or Programming Director
• Risk Prevention and Wellness Director or Standards Director
• Recruitment Director or Communication Director
• Advisor

We would recommend you send an officer for each breakout group.

If your campus is more than 350 miles away from the closest ROI, you are only required to send two delegates, but are still welcome to send up to four at no additional cost. If you need assistance with accommodations or travel, please contact Director of Education and Leadership Development Kristin Fouts at kfouts@zbtnational.org.

Attendance Policy

December 18, 2023

  • Every Executive Board member is required to attend the Virtual Officer Institute.
  • Every Chapter is required to send four delegates to the closest Regional Officer Institute. If your Chapter is located farther than 350 miles away from a host city, only two executive officers/delegates are required to attend.
  • Full event participation, including attendance at every session, including general and education sessions, is required. Event fees for both programs are included in your international dues.
  • Additional brothers from your chapter are encouraged to attend both VOI and ROI. They will have the opportunity to sit in on tracks for roles they aspire to hold (with the exception of Chapter President).
  • Travel to and from the host cities for Regional Officer Institutes is not included. You are encouraged to apply for travel assistance funds if your chapter is in need.

If your chapter does not meet these expectations:

Those chapters that do not register and subsequently attend both the VOI and the ROI will be subject to a $300 fine at the directive of the Supreme Council. Undergraduate brothers who register but don’t attend and actively participate in the event will be subject to a $300 fine. You may cancel or replace delegates. Those found to be noncompliant will have an opportunity to show cause to the Supreme Council for the challenge before the fine is levied.

To request an exemption to any policy above, please email Kristin Fouts at kfouts@zbtnational.org.

The Officer Institutes are made possible by a generous grant from the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.  To learn more about your Foundation, please visit zbtfoundation.org.