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ZBT is proud to value integrity and equality as a Fraternity, yet we remember that those qualities are a choice made by each man for himself. We challenge our brothers to nurture, encourage and support each other and themselves. Zeta Beta Tau is a Brotherhood for a Lifetime.

And don’t just take it from us — hear from directly from brothers about their incredible, important, lasting experiences as a brother of Zeta Beta Tau.

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'I have found a home'

“I have found a home and family I never knew I had. No matter what walk of life you may have made to come to ZBT, you are here now. (ZBT is) a brotherhood that is beyond compare. The bonds go beyond friends and family. Remember that your letters are something that you will wear for the rest of your life.”

Jaron T. Park, Delta Lambda (Monmouth College) 2018

'It's about becoming an adult'

“… Fraternity is 100 percent about growing up and gaining life skills — becoming a man, becoming an adult. It is not easy; you get out of it what you put into it. You work with others, not always in perfect harmony, to plan and organize events, build things, help others and establish social networks. You work to build a safe environment for sharing ideas and having honest and open discourse and debate on subjects that are not always comfortable. I am who I am today because of lessons learned from my family and from my ZBT experience. ZBT enabled me to receive benefits that were not available anywhere else at UNLV – not in the classroom, not in the laboratory and not in the dorm.”

Matthew E. Benz, Eta Delta (UNLV) 2003

'My parents now have 40-plus sons'

I credit ZBT as being one of, if not the best, decisions of my life. This fraternity offers an intellectually stimulating environment and a healthy balance to an academically rigorous four years of school. My brothers have broadened my cultural horizons and enlightened me on what life is like outside of Penn State. My parents are quick to note that they now have 40-plus sons, embracing my ZBT brothers to an extent that I could have never envisioned.”

Bryce Starner, Alpha Psi (Pennsylvania State University) 2019

'I feel empowered to step up when I observe injustice'

“I became a brother of ZBT because its organizational backbone supports and encourages brothers to be thinking, feeling, productive members of society. I’ve learned that it is not enough to simply declare one’s self intellectually aware, rather it is through rhetoric and targeted, well thought-out action that a higher goal may be achieved.

“The connection that I feel with my brothers, despite our differences, has enabled me to see past a person’s background. I value relationships which foster growth and personal responsibility.

“Being surrounded by people who also disdain ostracization, I feel empowered to step up to the plate whenever and wherever I experience or observe injustice. I love that ZBT, on an international scale, has taken a strong stand against sexual violence. This issue that plagues my generation and previous ones is a matter of an implicit lack of responsibility.

“It’s vital in an integral and honest society for people to respect each others’ basic rights.”

Jeffrey Blackman, Alpha Xi (Washington University in St. Louis) 2020

'ZBT is teaching me how to be a leader'

“I’m so grateful for my ZBT experience because the Fraternity is teaching me how to be a leader. I’m learning how to delegate tasks, empower others to get things done, make strategic decisions and focus on a larger impact. Thanks to ZBT, I’m gaining the skills I need to be successful and make an impact upon my community.”

Mitchell R. McLeod, Mu (Boston University) 2019

'Being a Founding Father is the most enriching opportunity of my life'

“Having the opportunity to join ZBT as a Founding Father and elected as a founding President has been one of the most enriching opportunities of my life thus far. It has easily been the most challenging task I have taken on in college, but ZBT has provided me with lifelong friendships and leadership skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

Jonathan Mizrahi, Epsilon Delta (Binghamton University) 2020

'I was truly inspired at an alumni reunion'

'Influencing the next generation is important'

'ZBT has a significant impact on major decisions in my life'

“My life after college has been influenced and guided by the longtime friendships I developed as a ZBT at Hofstra. That influence and guidance has had a significant impact on many major decisions in my life, both personal and professional. So I would tell today’s ZBT undergraduates to get involved in the Fraternity – but not at the expense of academic excellence – and develop leadership skills, become socially responsible and make close friends, all of which will sustain you for a lifetime.”

Howard S. Brill, Gamma Phi (Hofstra University) 1991