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Officer Resources

ZBT International Headquarters offers many resources and other information to help improve your chapter or prospective chapter. The leadership training provided in your fraternity experience will bring great benefits throughout your life.

About ZBT Executive Boards

After careful review and analysis of what is working in our most successful chapters, the ZBT Supreme Council approved a uniform office structure that gives our chapters the best leadership plan for a strong brotherhood. Adopted in summer 2016, the plan calls for a three-year rollout. All chapters are expected to be using the required structure by the end of the 2019 calendar year.

ZBT has put together an Officer Organizational Chart to explain this structure in detail. More details on the responsibilities of each officer are available through myZBT, in the Resource Center.

2021-2022 Fees, Deadlines, and Due Dates

It’s critical to ensure that all chapter/prospective chapter deadlines are met for ZBT and your institution. See ZBT’s deadline and dues sheet for the current academic year for full information.

Joining a fraternity is an investment in your future. Though chapters may have additions or changes that require a different local dues amount, ZBT International Headquarters has a base fee structure in place that all our chapters and prospective chapters must follow.

This document offers a greater understanding of where international dues are spent and how they are broken down. We encourage brothers and families to review all the information and contact ZBT International Headquarters with any questions, comments, or concerns. We work hard to provide top-notch programming and servicing to our undergraduates and alumni.

Recordkeeping in myZBT

Rosters, officer roles, individual information and more records are maintained through the Vault portal in myZBT. It is essential that a chapter’s data be accurate. For questions or assistance with Vault, contact ZBT International Headquarters.

Additional Resources for Prospective Chapter

At the time of expansion, the prospective chapter accepts a chartering agreement. This document outlines the requirements needed to move to chapter status. The prospective chapter must meet the requirements set by the Council within two years.