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Officer Resources

ZBT International Headquarters offers many resources and other information to help improve your chapter or prospective chapter. The leadership training provided in your fraternity experience will bring great benefits throughout your life.  ZBT requires a uniform officer structure that gives our chapters the best leadership plan for a strong brotherhood and accreditation through the Standards of Excellence program. More details on the responsibilities of each officer are available from your staff liaison.

Officer Basics

Who is my Chapter Coach?

Every ZBT chapter and prospective chapter has an assigned staff member to directly assist brothers. Chapter coaches meet with chapter leadership at least monthly, provide assistance and share resources and review Standards of Excellence progress. We encourage brothers to reach out directly to their coach for questions! Click here to see contact information for staff.

UniversityChapter DesignationChapter Coach
American UniversityBeta PsiLucy Silverman
Arizona State UniversityGamma TauRebeca Greenfield
Binghamton UniversityEpsilon DeltaCassie Jacobs
Brandeis UniversityEpsilon PhiKristin Fouts
California Polytechnic State UniversityEta MuKristin Fouts
California State University-Long BeachBeta PiLucy Silverman
California State University-NorthridgeGamma BetaRicky Kirby
Case Western Reserve UniversityLambdaCassie Jacobs
Clemson UniversityEta AlphaChris Williams
College of CharlestonEta PhiChris Williams
Columbia UniversityDeltaRebeca Greenfield
Cornell UniversityKappaKristin Fouts
Elon UniversityEta SigmaRebeca Greenfield
Emory UniversityEta LambdaRebeca Greenfield
Fairleigh Dickinson University-MadisonEpsilon TauLucy Silverman
Florida International UniversityEta RhoRebeca Greenfield
Gannon UniversityZeta XiChris Williams
Georgia Institute of TechnologyXiChris Williams
Indiana UniversityBeta GammaRicky Kirby
Lyon CollegePhi Theta GammaCassie Jacobs
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyXiLucy Silverman
Michigan State UniversityBeta EpsilonChris Williams
Monmouth CollegeDelta LambdaCassie Jacobs
Muhlenberg CollegeAlpha NuLucy Silverman
New York UniversityGammaRebeca Greenfield
Northeastern UniversityGamma PsiRicky Kirby
Northwestern UniversityGammaRebeca Greenfield
Pace UniversityDelta ZetaRebeca Greenfield
Penn State UniversityAlpha PsiRebeca Greenfield
Purdue UniversityAlpha AlphaCassie Jacobs
Quinnipiac UniversityEta OmicronRebeca Greenfield
Rutgers State University of New JerseyBeta Delta Lucy Silverman
San Diego State UniversityBeta LambdaShelley Laflin
Santa Clara UniversityEta UpsilonKristin Fouts
State University of New York-OneontaEpsilon NuRebeca Greenfield
State University of New York-PlattsburghEta IotaChris Williams
Syracuse UniversityOmicronLucy Silverman
The George Washington UniversityPhi Alpha AlphaRebeca Greenfield
Towson UniversityEta KappaCassie Jacobs
Tufts UniversityOmicronRebeca Greenfield
Tulane UniversitySigmaRicky Kirby
University of AlabamaPsiRicky Kirby
University of ArizonaAlpha OmicronLucy Silverman
University of California-BerkeleyAlpha EtaChris Williams
University of California-Los AngelesAlpha RhoCassie Jacobs
University of California-Santa BarbaraGamma XiLucy Silverman
University of Central FloridaDelta IotaShelley Laflin
University of Colorado BoulderBeta Alpha ThetaKristin Fouts
University of DelawareEpsilon ThetaKristin Fouts
University of DenverIotaKristin Fouts
University of FloridaAlpha ZetaLucy Silverman
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignRhoCassie Jacobs
University of KansasEpsilon MuRebeca Greenfield
University of KentuckyAlpha IotaChris Williams
University of Maryland-College ParkBeta Zeta EpsilonAndrea Benek
University of Massachusetts-AmherstTheta AlphaLucy Silverman
University of MemphisGamma MuRicky Kirby
University of MiamiAlpha OmegaRebeca Greenfield
University of MissouriOmegaCassie Jacobs
University of North Carolina at CharlotteEta XiAndrea Benek
University of North FloridaUNFChris Williams
University of PennsylvaniaThetaCassie Jacobs
University of PittsburghBeta PhiLucy Silverman
University of Rhode IslandRho IotaRicky Kirby
University of South FloridaGamma ChiLucy Silverman
University of Southern CaliforniaAlpha DeltaCassie Jacobs
University of TampaDelta OmicronCassie Jacobs
University of Texas at AustinLambdaLibby Anderson
University of Wisconsin-MadisonAlpha KappaLucy Silverman
Vanderbilt UniversityAlpha GammaKristin Fouts
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityDelta XiKristin Fouts
Washington University-St. LouisAlpha XiCassie Jacobs
Western University (Ontario)Zeta EtaShelley Laflin
York College of PennsylvaniaBeta Alpha ChiLucy Silverman

myZBT: Roster Updates

All records and resources for ZBT officers and brothers are kept in our innovative myZBT database. Rosters, officer roles, individual information and more records are maintained through the portal.


Download: How to Change Officer Roles

It is essential that a chapter’s data be accurate. Please make time at least monthly to log in and review your chapter’s information; management falls under the Operations Director but all officers should review the manuals, guides and other resources in myZBT.

Officer Structure

ZBT requires a uniform office structure that gives our chapters the best leadership plan for a strong brotherhood and accreditation through the Standards of Excellence program. More details on the responsibilities of each officer are available from your staff liaison and manuals for each role are available in the myZBT portal Resource Center.

About the roles

  • Chapter President: Oversees all chapter meetings, manages the day-to-day operations of the chapter, chair of the Executive Board.
  • Operations Director: Tasked with the oversight of internal management of the chapter’s operations, in charge the annual Standards of Excellence accreditation process.
  • Communication Director: Oversees all external communication of the chapter, specifically managing all technology and social media.
  • Programming Director: Leads chapter events and programs including logistics, communication and recruitment of event volunteers.
  • Brotherhood Development Director: Oversees education and development of brothers, utilizing THE JOURNEY. Supervises rituals and ritual education.
  • Recruitment Director: Cultivates a list of potential brothers, creates and maintains standards for recruitment of new brothers, manages logistics of recruitment events and open bidding.
  • Risk Prevention and Wellness Director: Develops, manages and enforces procedures to reduce risk for the chapter and its brothers.
  • Finance Director: Management of the chapter budget and funds.


January 31

Chapter Financial Literacy

7:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Central/5:30pm Mountain/4:30pm Pacific


Where do your dues go after you pay them? How is managing the chapter budget the responsibility of all brothers? Attendees will learn about key budgeting forms, policies and due dates (including taxes), and the benefits of using greekbill to manage it all.

February 28

Alumni Engagement

7:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Central/5:30pm Mountain/4:30pm Pacific


Keeping chapter and local alumni updated about chapter business and events can be easier said than done. Attendees will hear best practices from a chapter that does it well, as well as alumni who have tips for engaging graduates who are in different stages of life.

March 27

Town Hall with Undergraduate Supreme Councilors 

7:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Central/5:30pm Mountain/4:30pm Pacific


Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an undergraduate member of the ZBT Supreme Council? Learn about the application process and engage in a discussion on topics/questions YOU submit in advance during this town hall.

April 24

Planning for Summer

7:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Central/5:30pm Mountain/4:30pm Pacific


Give your chapter an advantage going into Fall 2024 by taking time this summer to re-group, build your brotherhood and make progress on key goals. You’ll hear tips for location, budget, agenda and making a hybrid or virtual setup achieve similar outcomes.

Forms and Resources

2023-2024 Fees and Due Dates


It’s critical to ensure that all chapter/prospective chapter deadlines are met for ZBT and your institution. See ZBT’s financial deadlines and dues sheet for the current academic year for full information.


Joining a fraternity is an investment in your future. Though chapters may have additions or changes that require a different local dues amount, ZBT International Headquarters has a base fee structure in place that all our chapters and prospective chapters must follow.

This infographic offers a greater understanding of where international dues are spent and how they are broken down. We encourage brothers and families to review all the information and contact ZBT International Headquarters with any questions, comments, or concerns. We work hard to provide top-notch programming and servicing to our undergraduates and alumni.

General Deadlines

Make your officer term smoother by saving or printing out these key dates for ZBT officers.


Order Ritual Supplies


Is your chapter in need of ritual items or even an entire ritual kit?


ZBT International Headquarters can provide items such as bid cards and replacement Pins for a small fee.


Manage Your Finances with Greekbill

ZBT partners with greekbill to offer our chapters easy financial management assistance. We highly suggest you use this provider to make your chapter operations as simple and convenient as possible. Greekbill allows Finance Directors to:

  • Bill brothers and pay dues
  • Manage and pay  chapter expenses
  • Create and monitor officer budgets
  • Tax filing assistance including Form 990

Each brother will be able to access their account and make payments 24/7. Brothers can pay dues several ways (echeck, check, credit or debit card, auto-debit). Finance Directors and and Executive Boards will be able to view chapter’s complete financial status anytime.


Download an info sheet and contact Greekbill today. You can also reach out to ZBT’s CFO Shelley Laflin at slaflin@zbtnational.org for assistance.


Completed forms and questions should be emailed to zbt@zbtnational.org.

For Prospective Chapters

At the time of expansion, the prospective chapter accepts a chartering agreement. There are 10 basic requirements needed to move to chapter status. The prospective chapter must meet the requirements set by the Supreme Council within two years.

DOWNLOAD: Chartering Requirements (PDF)

The ZBT growth team is here to help prospective chapters. See contact information for our staff here.

Logos, media, The Fraternity Song

ZBT’s respect the tradition of our brand and insignia so we may maintain a high standard in our public presence. All brothers can support this effort by helping respect and protect our ZBT brand, especially the Crest and Pin.

Please contact Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Headquarters with any graphics-related questions.

Official Logo

ZBT’s primary logo is our Crest. To download the Crest and other ZBT graphics, see the publicly available files here.

Official Songs

‘The Fraternity Song’

‘My Brothers, Here’s My Hand’

The Fraternity, as owner and protector of the ZBT brand and trademarks, reserves the right to police and safeguard all uses of the Zeta Beta Tau name and symbols as well as police all concerns or violations of these policies.