International Convention

International Convention is the premier education and leadership program in Zeta Beta Tau. Held annually, it is a time for brothers from around the world to come together to share in the truest sense of brotherhood while learning skills that will benefit them far beyond their college years. Undergraduates and volunteer faculty gather in our host city for this memorable and highly regarded event that is made possible by the generous support of the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation. While the Fraternity provides other forms of face-to-face education for brothers, this is one of our only events which brings undergraduate and alumni brothers alike together for meaningful interactions. This program allows undergraduates and alumni to play a key role in the development and future of the International Fraternity. Through educational programs, operational  training and organizational management, brothers can gain a deeper understanding of the Fraternity and gain and exchange best practices while learning valuable skills regardless of their geographical location. It serves as the single largest gathering of brothers and provides a wide lens from which to see the Fraternity.

Thanks for joining us in Los Angeles! Save the date for our 2019 International Convention on August 1-4, 2019, in Denver, Colorado!