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Community Space for Black ZBT Brothers (Alumni and Undergraduates)

June 17, 2020 @ 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Community Space for Black ZBT Brothers

ZBT has created a community space for our brothers who are Black. This is an opportunity for brotherhood, support, and community and to connect about anything – not just ZBT. The common racial identity does not mean their experiences are exactly the same nor that they believe the same way. However, there are common experiences our Black brothers share in that others cannot understand.This space will be led by brother Dr. Sean Colbert-Lewis (Delta Xi – Virginia Tech) 1993, and brother Antonio Young (Zeta Alpha) 1998. This opportunity is open to both Black undergraduate and alumni brothers.


For those who might have questions, here are a few answers:

  • Why is this necessary? Affinity spaces are imperative for brothers who, in many ways, share similar lived experiences. This space is not being created to divide brothers but rather to strengthen our Black brothers’ experiences within ZBT by being connected with brothers who share in their identities.
  • I’m not Black, but I am a brother of color. Will there be a space for me? Yes. We are working to develop this space for July. More details to come!