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Regional Officer Institutes

The leadership training provided in your fraternity experience will bring great benefits throughout life to undergraduate officers. Thank you for stepping up into a leadership role to support your brothers and our great Fraternity!  Officer Institutes to support student-leaders of all ZBT chapters serving in leadership roles are hosted early each year.

2022 Virtual Officer Institute info

Officer tracks will run concurrently over two days. Note that it is mandatory that ALL chapters and prospective chapters have an officer present for each track. Any substitutions or excuses must be approved by ZBT International Headquarters.

• Jan. 23: Operation Directors, Communication Director, Finance Director, Recruitment Director, Standards Director
• Jan. 29: President, Risk Prevention and Wellness Director, Programming Director, Brotherhood Development Director, Chapter Advisors

Registration is required one week in advance of the office’s track.


The Virtual Officer Institute is made possible by a generous grant from the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation.  To learn more about your Foundation, please visit zbtfoundation.org.

Due to continuing travel accessibility concerns related to COVID-19, the officer institutes for 2022 are again being hosted virtually.