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Summit Against Hate

Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity are pleased to host the seventh annual Summit Against Hate. We will be hosting a virtual program for students. This virtual program is most helpful for chapter officers and committee members who oversee diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging programming and education within your chapters. ZBT alumni and chapter advisors are invited to attend as well.

2023 Date

The virtual Summit Against Hate will be 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Monday, November 27. Featured panelists will include campus Jewish life professionals, higher education pro-Israel professionals and #🟦 Stand Up to Jewish Hate representatives.


Why This Matters

This program will help you learn to think critically about your own assumptions, beliefs, biases and values in order to address historic and current inequalities like those repeated in the example above. Antisemitic and ignorant comments and attitudes like those displayed in the media by celebrities, protesters and others show why the Summit Against Hate is important.

This is a required ZBT program. Chapters must have one representative (minimum). It is a headquarters-tracked required part of Standards of Excellence accreditation.

The Summit Against Hate was a recipient of the 2017 and 2021 North American Interfraternity Conference’s Laurel Wreath Award, co-hosted by Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. Funding is generously provided by the foundations that support these organizations.