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Summit Against Hate

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is pleased to partner with Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity and Sigma Delta Tau Sorority to offer campus-based professionals, organization volunteers and students the opportunity to participate in the fifth annual Summit Against Hate. The 2021 program was a three-session, weekly virtual program. We are grateful for the ongoing collaboration between these partners to end antisemitism and all forms of hate on campus. This opportunity typically is open to all undergraduate brothers and volunteers of Zeta Beta Tau.

2021 Session Info

October 20, History of Antisemitism & Why It Still Matters

  • Speaker: Holly Huffnagle, U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism at the American Jewish Committee
  • Session Overview: According to the FBI 2020 Hate Crimes Statistics, almost 60% of anti-religious bias crimes target Jews, who make up less than 2% of the American population. Yet Judaism is more than a religion, and Jews are attacked today for who they are. Holly Huffnagle will share a historic overview on religious, ethnic, and racial hostility and discrimination against Jews and how it is relevant today. This session helped participants understand the impact antisemitism is having on college campuses and the support Jewish students and allies need to feel safe and heard on campus.

October 27, The Intersection of Antisemitism and Other Isms

  • Speaker: Rabbi Sandra Lawson, Rabbi & Sociologist
  • Session Overview: There are various forms of discrimination, hate and bias occurring in our world today. This session addressed the various forms of hate occurring on college campuses such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and how antisemitisim often gets excluded. Rabbi Lawson provided context of how antisemitism intersects with other forms of hate and why it is important to create spaces where members of your campus community can be allies against all forms of hate, including antisemitism.

November 3, Call to Action

  • Speaker: Hillel staff, students and Rabbi Sandra Lawson
  • Session overview: This session helps aid participants in identifying how they plan to apply the information learned during the Summit Against Hate. This session was  broken into two parts in order to best prepare participants to develop a call to action. In the first portion (45 minutes), participants were placed in small breakout groups to hear directly from Jewish students and Hillel staff as they share personal experiences of being marginalized and excluded on campus. During the second portion (45 minutes), Rabbi Lawson helped identify specific actions to take to be supportive and an advocate for Jewish students on campus.