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Special Awards

Each year the Fraternity recognizes individuals (undergraduate, alumni and friends of ZBT) for achievements in the interfraternal world and greater community.

Man of the Year Award

The Man of the Year award honors those brothers who stand forth above other brothers and fellow citizens in living the Credo and honoring ZBT’s Ritual from a position of leadership and service. These brothers serve as role models for brothers of Zeta Beta Tau and American society in general.

Past winners

  • 2013 Bill Goldring, Sigma (Tulane University) 1965
  • 2014 Ambassador Ron Dermer, Theta (University of Pennsylvania) 1993
  • 2015 Stuart E. Eizenstat, Alpha Pi (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 1964
  • 2016 Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, Delta (Columbia University) 1959
  • 2017 David T. Brown, Rho (University of Illinois) 1982
  • 2018 Robert E. Fischell, Alpha Upsilon (Duke University) 1951
  • 2019 Marc B. Nathanson, Iota (University of Denver) 1967
  • 2020 Kenneth M. Duberstein, Alpha Tau (Franklin and Marshall College) 1965

Man of Distinction Award

The Man of Distinction Award was created to honor those brothers who reach the apex of their various involvements. Through their life’s work, these men exemplify the brotherhood of Zeta Beta Tau. This award is to be presented occasionally, but no more than once per year.

Past winners

  • 2014 Lee Dogoloff, Epsilon of Phi Alpha (University of Maryland-College Park)1961
  • 2016 Sam Massell, Mu of Phi Epsilon Pi (University of Georgia) 1948
  • 2018 Harold A. Davidson, Alpha Delta (University of Southern California) 1965; Zachary P. Nahmias, Gamma Mu (University of Memphis) 2010
  • 2019 William J. Koen, Jr., Lambda (University of Texas at Austin) 1959
  • 2020 ZBT COVID-19 Front-line workers

Stephen P. Ehrlich Award (Outstanding Alumnus Volunteer)

The National Fraternity is blessed by the support of many alumni volunteers who are dedicated to furthering the ideals of our Brotherhood and work to ensure the Good & Welfare of ZBT. In 1970, one such remarkable alumnus began his work on behalf of our Fraternity. While completing his law degree at Washington University in St. Louis, Stephen P. Ehrlich, Esq., Iota (University of Denver) 1970, worked with ZBT’s Alpha Xi Chapter. He quickly became involved with the Fraternity on an international level. His work and dedication culminated with his serving as President of the International Fraternity from 1990-1992.

He has a true passion for the Fraternity. He is committed to the success of each chapter and colony within ZBT. In honor of this brother’s gifts to ZBT, the leadership of the Fraternity created this award in 2000 to be styled in his name. This award is presented to those alumni who make significant contributions to the operations of the International Fraternity and those who give of themselves to make ZBT a better Fraternity. Brother Ehrlich was the first recipient of this award named in his honor at the 2000 International Convention.

Past winners

  • 2013 Jack Guttman, Sigma (Tulane University) 1969
  • 2014 Doug Maine, Alpha Beta (Temple University) 1970
  • 2015 Craig J. Wild, CPA, Gamma Phi (Hofstra University) 1979
  • 2016 Michael S. Wien, Alpha Eta (Colorado State University) 1973
  • 2017 Richard S. Kaplan, Alpha Delta (University of Southern California) 1965
  • 2018 Scott E. Silberfein, Epsilon Theta (University of Delaware) 1994
  • 2019 Bruce H. Weinstein, Psi (University of Alabama) 1970
  • 2020 Not Awarded

Riegelman-Jacobs Award (Outstanding Inter-Fraternal Service)

This award is to commemorate two outstanding brothers of ZBT. Brother Harold Riegelman of Kappa Chapter at Cornell University was from the class of 1914. Brother Maurice Jacobs was from Pi Chapter at the University of Maine and from the class of 1917. Both served as President of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, and Brother Jacobs received the NIC’s highest award, the Gold Medal. Brother Riegelman founded his own law firm and was a high-ranking officer of the U.S. military. Brother Jacobs entered the field of publishing owning his own publishing house in Philadelphia and being the first American to own and operate a Hebrew typeface font. It is fitting for the Fraternity to memorialize Brothers Riegelman and Jacobs with an award honoring outstanding service to the interfraternity community.

  • 2013 Karen Katz, Chi Omega Sorority
  • 2015 Kim Novak, Delta Gamma Sorority
  • 2016 Dr. Robert E. Witt, Special Initiate, University of Alabama
  • 2017 Libby Anderson, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority
  • 2020 Not Awarded

Heritage Award

The Heritage Award was created in 2005 to be presented occasionally, but no more than once per year, to a member of the Jewish community who distinguishes himself or herself in a communal, philanthropic, artistic or professional endeavor.

  • 2013 Rabbi Yoni Kaiser-Blueth, Special Initiate, The George Washington University
  • 2014 Albert H. Small, Chi (University of Virginia) 1946
  • 2015 David Wax, Alpha Rho (University of California-Los Angeles) 1977
  • 2016 The Aronov Family, Psi Chapter (University of Alabama)
  • 2017 Alfred K. Berg, Omicron (Syracuse University) 1973
  • 2018 Steven J. Fishman, Alpha Rho (University of California – Los Angeles) 1978
  • 2019 Rabbi Hazzan Dr. Jeffrey Myers
  • 2020 Stuart E. Eizenstat, Alpha Pi (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 1964

Edwin N. Sommer Award

Presented from time to time to a ZBT alumnus for “Selfless Dedication to the Ideals of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.” Named in honor of Brother Edwin N. Sommer, a 1934 alumnus of the Alpha Theta Chapter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who served as Vice President of the Fraternity during the World War II era, shepherding the safety of Fraternity assets during a turbulent time.

  • 2013 Todd Aaron, Lambda (University of Texas-Austin) 1984
  • 2014 Ron Pardo, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1988
  • 2015 Barry Aarons, Gamma Tau (Arizona State University) 1979
  • 2016 Michael D. Cimini, Kappa (Cornell University) 1992
  • 2017 Richard S. Simon, Phi (University of Michigan) 1943, and Saul A. Fern, Pi of Phi Alpha (Boston University) 1954
  • 2018 Myles K. Beck, Omega (University of Missouri) 1967
  • 2019 Matthew J. Rubins, Kappa (Cornell University) 1990
  • 2020 James P. Summers, Gamma Epsilon (Marshall University) 1970

Richard J.H. Gottheil Award

This award memorializes our spiritual founder, the late Professor Richard J.H. Gottheil, and is awarded periodically to “that individual or group that has advanced human understanding among all people.”

  • 2013 Children’s Miracle Network Hospital
  • 2014 United Service Organization (USO)
  • 2015 JCC Association
  • 2017 Anti-Defamation League
  • 2018 Hillel International, Chabad on Campus
  • 2019 Dr. Deborah Lipstadt
  • 2020 Not Awarded

Outstanding Young Alumnus

Given to an alumnus who has graduated within the last 20 years and has made an impact in his community and lives the ideals expressed within the Credo and Ritual of Zeta Beta Tau.

  • 2017 Dr. Branden M. Engorn, Beta Zeta Epsilon (University of Maryland-College Park) 2004
  • 2018 Harrison B. Diamond, Psi (University of Alabama) 2008
  • 2019 Daniel M. Goodman, Iota (University of Denver) 2007
  • 2020 Not Awarded

Campus Partner of the Year

Given to a partner or supporter who is a true champion for ZBT on campus and in the community.

  • 2017 Melissa Kish, Indiana University
  • 2018 Amy Long, Kansas University
  • 2019 Marc D. Stine, Omega (University of Missouri) 1969
  • 2020 Not Awarded

James E. Greer, Jr. Staff Award

Presented from time to time to a past or current staff member for contributions to the Fraternity. Named in honor of Brother Greer, a 1964 graduate from the Beta Pi Chapter at California State University-Long Beach. He worked for the Fraternity for 37 years, retiring as Executive Vice President Emeritus. In his time on staff, he saw ZBT through a period of great change for the fraternal world. He advocated ZBT’s entry into non-pledging as a move to eliminate hazing and provided strong leadership through the years of change that followed. He is a past president of the Fraternity Executives’ Association, namesake of the ZBT Presidents’ Leadership Academy, and an NIC Gold Medal Award Winner in 2013.

  • 2015 Todd A. Gagliano, Beta Alpha Chi (York College) 1995
  • 2016 James P. Summers, Gamma Epsilon (Marshall University) 1970
  • 2017 Devon Schad, Beta Alpha Theta (University of Colorado-Boulder) 2004
  • 2018 Richard Krelstein, Alpha Nu (University of Tennessee – Knoxville) 1956
  • 2019 Ronald A. Pardo, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1988
  • 2020 Not Awarded

Hall of Fame

The Zeta Beta Tau Hall of Fame serves to formally honor and recognize brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity who excel in their chosen vocations and/or avocations and exemplify the precepts of our Fraternity.

Honorees may be selected from the following categories:

Science & Technology
Political, Legal and/or Government Affairs
Israel and/or Jewish Life

2018 Inductees:
Science & Technology:

  • Dr. Robert (Bob) E. Fischell, Alpha Upsilon (Duke University) 1951
  • Herbert A. Gilbert, Alpha Iota (University of Kentucky) 1951


  • Larry S. Flax, Alpha Mu (University of Washington) 1964
  • The Hon. Denis A. Bovin, Xi ( Massachusetts Institute of Tech.) 1969
  • Barton L. Kaufman, Beta Gamma (Indiana University)1962
  • Douglas L. Maine, Alpha Beta (Temple University) 1970
  • Marc B. Nathanson, Iota (University of Denver) 1967

Political, Legal and/or Government Affairs:

  • Robert L. Shapiro, Alpha Rho (University of California, Los Angeles) 1967
  • Jonas (Martin) M. Frost, III, Omega (University of Missouri) 1964
  • Neal M. Sher, Esq.,Beta (Cornell University) 1968


  • Al Schwartz, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin) 1954
  • Jerry L. Bruckheimer, Alpha Omicron (University of Arizona) 1965
  • Walter Mirisch, Alpha Kappa (University of Wisconsin) 1942

Nancy Simon Award

Presented from time to time to a Spouse or Partner for outstanding support of ZBT. Named in honor of Nancy Simon, a 65-plus-year supporter of ZBT. Nancy Simon was wife of Past International President Richard S. Simon, Phi (University of Michigan) 1943, and matriarch of the Simon family, which is heavily involved in ZBT. She was a role model and supporter to all ZBT and ZBT family members.

  • 2015 Linda Katz of Los Angeles
  • 2016 Kelli Schad of Boulder, Colorado
  • 2017 Nadine Davidson of Los Angeles
  • 2018 Nancy Chase of Irvine, California
  • 2020 Not Awarded