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Parents Clubs

Parents Clubs are independent local organizations of parents, whose sons are undergraduate brothers of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, and who have united to help provide support for their sons’ local chapter. Chapter Advisors can help interested parents form a Parents Club organization to promote and provide support for the chapter.

  • Advantages: A Parents Club connects students to a network of resources, which provides vital financial assistance and benefits that are not covered by dues. Parents promote the merits of fraternity life by highlighting chapter and individual accomplishments through newsletters and events. A Parents Club strengthens the relationship between brothers and parents and creates a wide support structure, especially for out-of-area students.
  • Get the Brothers on board: Remind the brothers that a Parents Club can help fulfill their wishlist, provide networking opportunities for internships and jobs, and function as a second family. Parents do not intend to hang out at the house or get in the way of chapter activities. Parents will determine with the brothers how much involvement is appropriate.
  • Get started: Brainstorm with fraternity officers on their vision of a Parents Club, the needs of the group and what an introductory email or letter to parents should say, like announcing the Parent Club and a kick-off event. Parents Weekend is an ideal time for this event, but it can be held at any time during the year. The greatest need is often an up-to-date list of brothers, parents, home addresses, telephone numbers and parent email addresses. If paper mail, include a reply envelope and response card addressed to an organizing parent. Assure out-of-area parents that they can participate.

Download a flier with more details for a successful Parents Club.

Ready to form a club?

Contact ZBT International Headquarters at 317-334-1898 or zbt@zbtnational.org.