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Leader for a Lifetime: Nate Venckus

Bi-weekly profile highlighting brothers who serve as officers for their chapters.

Nathan D. Venckus

Alpha Alpha (Purdue University) 2020

Brother Venckus, age 19, is a leader on the Purdue campus in hate prevention initiatives, even as a sophomore. He created and organized a program in which brothers used snacks to promote Hate Against One is Hate Against All with fellow students, in a direct tie back to ZBT’s Mission.

“I believe that ZBT was founded on the basis of truly unique, effective and wholesome principles for guiding us through life, and that at our best, we are unparalleled in exemplifying the core concepts of fraternity,” he said. “Having my brothers by my side has been an incredible means of both improving myself as a person as well as staying on a clear and positive path toward my future.”

Besides serving as Heritage Chairman, he plays on Alpha Alpha’s intramural soccer and ultimate frisbee teams. Outside of ZBT, he’s a competitive powerlifter and recreational runner. In his free time, he develops websites, apps, games and other software.

He plans to pursue a career in software engineering, cybersecurity and systems. He says he wants to travel the world as much as possible.

“Trust in your gut, identify the things that you truly want out of life, and pursue them with diligence, passion and care — and in this pursuit, remember that you are nothing without the people around you. It’s great to be a Zeeb,” he said.

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About being a Heritage Chairman

The Heritage Chairman educates brothers on how to articulate ZBT’s heritage; leads discussions about the Mission, Credo and Ritual of the Fraternity; plans programs to honor ZBT’s heritage; and cultivates relationships with partner organizations on campus for programming and recruitment opportunities.