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Statement Regarding ZBT at Cornell University

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana — Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity was deeply disappointed to learn of allegations that certain men in the Kappa Chapter at Cornell University engaged in activities that degrade women. Based on findings of the University’s Fraternity and Sorority Review Board, we are working with campus officials and the chapter on an action plan that includes a comprehensive membership review to rid the chapter of any men who may have participated in, or had knowledge of, these alleged activities. Further, ZBT will conduct its own thorough investigation of this matter to get to the bottom of this situation, as we simply will not tolerate the objectification or degradation of any human being.

Nationally, Zeta Beta Tau is a leader in the fight against any form of degradation on college campuses. As a founding member of the It’s On Us Greek Leadership Council, a national movement to end sexual assault, we believe strongly that our members—and all men—must treat women with dignity and respect. During our ongoing investigation, should we find that men in the chapter are not on board with our focus on healthy relationships, they will be removed from the Fraternity. We also hope Cornell University will also hold them to the highest level of accountability.

Further, education is critical to changing attitudes. Through the action plan, as we implement ZBT’s signature programs around building healthy relationships, such as the Safe Smart Dating program, we plan to expand this programming to students at Cornell.

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