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Zeta Beta Tau Responds to Current Events

Zeta Beta Tau is committed to combating hate on our campuses and in our communities. ZBT strives to end all forms of hate including racism. We believe that hate in one community can lead to hate in other communities. We condemn the actions of those who perpetuate hate, bigotry, and violence and encourage our brothers to speak up against acts of racism and hatred. Be a part of the solution and educate yourself and others. Utilize resources available to you through ZBT and our hate prevention programs. Our history and founding have taught us why we need to act and our Credo is our guide on how to live. Hate Against One is Hate Against All.

Join us for ZBT from Home as we add additional programming and resources for all members to help educate, act, and lead.

June 16 8:30pm EDT/ 5:30 PST

Social Responsibility: Fraternity requires the individual to commit himself and accept his responsibility to participate. With the current harm being done to people in the Black community, our Credo calls upon us to actively participate in situations of injustice such as these. It is now more important than ever to fight hate and intolerance. This session will allow space for conversations about the role you and Zeta Beta Tau can play in fighting hate in your communities. We will talk about education, how you can get involved, and ways to talk about fighting hate.


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