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ZBT Joins Binghamton University

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana — Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity is proud to announce that we recently re-established our colony at Binghamton University. We first joined the campus in 1987 and are pleased to be back.

On Feb. 25, 22 men were initiated into the ZBT Brotherhood by Chapter Development Consultant Robert (Bobby) F. Smith, Delta Omicron (University of Tampa) 2017.

“Becoming a founding father in an organization so profound as ZBT is an absolute honor,” said Chapter President Jonathan C. Mizrahi, Epsilon Delta (Binghamton University) 2020. “I am extremely excited to have the ability to help mold this chapter’s experience, and truly build an everlasting legacy with the rest of our founding class. This is easily one of the most enriching experiences I have been able to be a part of, not only in college, but probably in my entire life.”

Please welcome our 22 new initiates: Robert Ades, Class of 2020; Charlie Altman, Class of 2020; Ron Chazbani, Class of 2019; Michael Elkharrat, Class of 2020; Jeremy Feith, Class of 2020; Ben Gurvitch, Class of 2020; Justin Kalman, Class of 2020; Scott Landman, Class of 2019; Jonathan Lederman, Class of 2020; Jared Luckman, Class of 2020; Josh Marcus, Class of 2020; Zuhayr Masihuddin, Class of 2021 ; Robert Mendelson, Class of 2019; Jonathan C. Mizrahi, Class of 2020; Jason Napoli, Class of 2020; Alec Newman, Class of 2020; Max Newman, Class of 2019; David Niknam, Class of 2019; Matthew Nosenchuk, Class of 2019; Marc Romero, Class of 2021; Jonathan Rubin, Class of 2020; and Justin Sachs, Class of 2020.

The colony is continuing to recruit additional men and is planning for a strong first year. The colony includes legacy Max Newman, grandson of Ronald Yellin, Beta Zeta (Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science) 1967.

ZBT looks forward to providing a safe, non-pledging option to the fraternity community that will benefit students at Binghamton who are passionate about our founding as the world’s first Jewish fraternity. These men truly represent the ideals of our Fraternity and will make you proud to call them your brother. Follow the colony on Facebook (@ZBTBinghamton) and Instagram (@zbtbinghamton).

In addition, as the colony grows and additional undergraduates are recruited and become brothers of ZBT, it will be important they are provided leadership training opportunities and academic scholarships. Leadership opportunities such as the Fraternity’s annual International Convention, the James E. Greer, Jr. Presidents’ Leadership Academy and Israel Advocacy Summit all help to better ensure a successful colony. Academic scholarships will provide for brothers in need and make sure we attract and keep the best and brightest within our Brotherhood.

Gifts in honor of the Binghamton brothers may be made to the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation by visiting zbtfoundation.org/donate. Please complete the in honor tribute information section when making your gift.

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity was founded in 1898 in New York City as the world’s first Jewish fraternity, ZBT is a Brotherhood of Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma Delta, Phi Epsilon Pi and Zeta Beta Tau. ZBT is represented on nearly 100 campuses across the United States and more than 140,000 undergraduate and alumni brothers in North America.

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